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EP 71: Sell Products with High Barriers to Entry on Amazon w/ Higher Tea’s Sophie Howard

Mar 31, 2016

Continuing this month’s Amazon Seller Success Series is Sophie Howard, a mother of 2 that bootstrapped her way to sell over $1.5million worth of products in only 18 months on Amazon whilst having a full time job. Her newest Amazon venture is Higher Tea, a brand of premium teas called which launched less than six months ago yet already making a round in front of Hollywood stars.

Going directly against the grain of teachings of popular training courses, Sophie’s approach to selling on Amazon is to build brands rather than chasing niches. Instead of looking for top-selling products to copy, Sophie focuses on understanding target markets and demographics to enable her to tailor her range of products to be a direct match with what the customer wants. That of course, and all of the basics, which she now teaches in her own trainings and coaching at Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

In this episode Sophie goes into the details of how you can create and run a scalable Amazon business that is going to last, including the payoffs of good design and packaging when selling a premium product to match a premium market. We also cover some pros and cons to the Amazon platform and why it can be ideal for testing and launching your product and brand. We then finish up with an exploration of what is covered in the Amazon training that Sophie now offers for anyone wishing to follow in her footsteps and under her guidance.

If you are looking to create your own brand to sell on Amazon, this show is a must!

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