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SE3 EP23: How Teddy Stratford Zip Fit Shirts Built a Strong Memorable Brand Story w/ Bryan Davis

Apr 4, 2018

On this episode of the 2X eCommerce Podcast Show, I have a discussion with the founder of Teddy Stratford Zip Fit Shirts, Bryan Davis about how he was able to build a rock solid brand story for his menswear brand, whilst staying authentic to his core values. 
I came across a Teddy Stratford video Ad on Instagram and was blown away by about not only how clever their product was but also how succinct, and memorable the presentation of their brand story was presented.
I saved the ad, and then attempted to reach out to the founder of the brand. Bryan obliged to the request of coming on the show.
On this episode, he breaks down the actual story and his team's thought process of framing the story as bite-sized videos for social media. 
We are going to talking about the DNA of Facebook Advertising and all Advertising A STRONG, MEMORABLE BRAND STORY
Do stay tuned!



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