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Intelligence Matters

In Intelligence Matters, former acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell, speaks with top leaders of the U.S. intelligence community as they reflect on their life, career and the critical roles they play in shaping national security policies. As a central figure in the most significant U.S. counter-terror efforts of the past two decades and a former CIA intelligence analyst, Morell is uniquely skilled at taking industry leading knowledge to make connections that provide deep insight into complex security events – helping decode intelligence officials’ key priorities and providing perspectives on how to achieve national security objectives. Morell is the author of “The Great War of Our Time” and a vivid account of the Central Intelligence Agency, a life in secrets, and a war in the shadows.
Title Date Listen Download
Former Top Clinton, Biden Adviser on Challenges Facing America Sep 11, 2018 Listen Download
Country's Top Spy-Catcher Bill Evanina on Espionage Threats Sep 4, 2018 Listen Download
Senator Mark Warner on Social Media and Foreign Influence Campaigns Aug 28, 2018 Listen Download
Fmr Ambassador to UAE on State of US Diplomacy, Policy Toward Middle East Aug 21, 2018 Listen Download
IARPA's Stacey Dixon on Intelligence Innovation Aug 14, 2018 Listen Download
Colombia's Former Defense Minister on Security in the Region Aug 7, 2018 Listen Download
Combating Disinformation Campaigns: A View From The Experts Jul 31, 2018 Listen Download
Bonus Pod: Michael Morell on Why Security Clearances Matter Jul 27, 2018 Listen Download
Pakistan's Fmr. Ambassador on Regional Challenges Jul 24, 2018 Listen Download
Adm. Winnefeld (Ret.) on Top Military Threats to U.S. Jul 17, 2018 Listen Download
CIA's Top Recruiter on How the Agency Finds Its Spies Jul 10, 2018 Listen Download
Rep. Mike Quigley on U.S. Election Security Jul 3, 2018 Listen Download
Ben Rhodes on the Obama Administration's Wins, Losses and Legacy Jun 26, 2018 Listen Download
James Clapper on Internal and External Threats to America Jun 19, 2018 Listen Download
East Asia Expert Weighs In on Singapore Summit Outcome Jun 12, 2018 Listen Download
Korea Expert Shares Advice for Trump: Listen to Your Advisors Jun 5, 2018 Listen Download
John McLaughlin on Helping Families of the Fallen May 29, 2018 Listen Download
Undercover Spy to Public Official: Rep. Will Hurd on Global Threats and Domestic Challenges May 22, 2018 Listen Download
The Iran Nuclear Deal: What, in the World, Happens Next? May 15, 2018 Listen Download
Negotiating with North Korea: The Players, The Stakes and The Surprises May 8, 2018 Listen Download
The Relaunch with General Michael Hayden May 1, 2018 Listen Download
Why Russia "Hacks" Elections: A Spy's-Eye View Jan 30, 2018 Listen Download
The Tom Cotton You Don't Know Jan 23, 2018 Listen Download
"We the People": On the Constitution's Relevance Today Jan 16, 2018 Listen Download
A Family's Fight to Reverse America's Opioid Crisis Jan 11, 2018 Listen Download
PDDNI on Intelligence, Leadership, and Fallen Officers Jan 2, 2018 Listen Download
Chris Johnson on the U.S.-China relationship Dec 19, 2017 Listen Download
Terry Roberts on cyber-crime: evolution, variant nature and countering the threat Dec 12, 2017 Listen Download
Congressman Adam Schiff on Russian Probe Dec 5, 2017 Listen Download
Philip Gordon on the brewing crisis in the Middle East Nov 21, 2017 Listen Download
Spy vs. Spy: Mark Kelton on Cold War intrigue and treason Nov 14, 2017 Listen Download
Robert Cardillo on the NGA's role in the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound Nov 7, 2017 Listen Download
Pedro Burelli on what's behind the crisis in Venezuela Oct 31, 2017 Listen Download
Michele Flournoy on Major U.S. Foreign Policy Crises Oct 26, 2017 Listen Download
Laura Rosenberger on Rising within the National Security Ranks Oct 24, 2017 Listen Download
Former DNI Iran Mission Manager Norman Roule on the Iran Nuclear Deal Oct 17, 2017 Listen Download
Executive Editor Kim Dozier talks about dedicating her life to journalism Oct 10, 2017 Listen Download
President Obama's Chief of Staff Denis McDonough reflects on Family, Values, Lessons learned and a Life in Public Service Oct 5, 2017 Listen Download
Former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon looks back on his Career Oct 3, 2017 Listen Download
Ambassador Joseph DeTrani talks about the Escalating Crisis with North Korea Sep 28, 2017 Listen Download
Director of National Counterterrorism Center Nicholas Rasmussen Sep 26, 2017 Listen Download
Secretary Leon Panetta Sep 19, 2017 Listen Download

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