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Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood

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An A-List Hollywood actress vanishes from a yacht and her body washes ashore the following morning. Her leading man husband — and a legendary actor who accompanied them on a pleasure cruise — claim she accidentally fell overboard. But questions — terrible ones — linger.

A brutal argument. A skipper who overheard violence. A coroner who’s ruling of “accidental drowning” is overturned — and Los Angeles homicide detectives who are still running the case to ground almost four decades later. Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood is a 12-part audio documentary series that will break new ground on Hollywood’s most enduring murder mystery involving showbiz icons Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken.

With new evidence that suggests a larger conspiracy, investigative journalist and host Dylan Howard and his team of investigators will attempt to crack open the case that has eluded authorities for nearly four decades — before time runs out. Series premieres on 7/20/18 – on the exact day that would have been Natalie’s 80th birthday.

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Where to start?

Chapter One: Who Is Natalie Wood?

She was gorgeous, glamorous — and doomed. But who really was Natalie Wood – the Hollywood super-siren who was enormous in life – and even bigger in death? Now, learn the real story, from her early years as a child star to her zenith as red carpet royalty – as well as the story of the L.A. Sheriff’s homicide detective who has made it his cause to bring peace to her soul. In a chilling revelation, Detective Ralph Hernandez reveals new – and explosive – facts about Natalie’s death, including a never-before-heard autopsy report that will change everything you have ever known about the case that has haunted Tinsel town for almost four decades.