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#037 — Joe Stapleton

Jul 25, 2017

Fresh off of his commentating of the WSOP we have Joe Stapleton, aka @Stapes. A poker commentator for ESPN and Poker Stars, based out of Los Angeles, California.

As a communications major hailing from Boston University, Joe has always used comedy as a driver. Known for his social media vigilantism, Joe has used his comedy to make a name for himself as a poker commentator, stand up comedian and a social media influencer.    In his early days of poker commentating, Stapes launched a very successful podcast called Two Jacks in a Hole. The show had several episodes that cracked the Itunes comedy top 10. Even with the found success in podcasting Stapes sheds a light on enjoying any victory no matter big or small. Maybe if something was great its not supposed to be left as is.    You can connect with Stapes on Twitter, @Stapes, and on Facebook at @JoeStapesStapleton     We love hearing from our amazing bus riding patrons with new questions and ideas for shows. Send an email to onthebuspodcast@gmaill.com.   If you are not already subscribed to the podcast on iTunes and listened to past episodes, then you can do that and leave a review HERE.  

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