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Being Hated - Ernest Hemingway and Maya Lin

Mar 18, 2018

In this episode we will look at the raw emotion of hate as it applies to artists and their work. By looking at these two artists, we will see if hate can derail a career? Or, does hate allow the artist total freedom to produce work that draws so much negativity it actually thrives? Hopefully at the end of this episode we will have some perspective on the hate and the damage it can do.


Here is a rough cut interview with Hemingway where you can see the impact of his many head trauma's coming to the surface. It counters his strong and bullish presence he was once known for:

Here is Maya Lin discussing the impact of her memorial:


Here is a link to NCTRNM who graciously provides the show music:

Music for this podcast provided most graciously by NCTRNM. His soundcloud is below, please check him out!


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