This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast

This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast

Sam Charrington

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Bridging the Gap Between Academic and Industry Careers with Ross Fadely - TWiML Talk #68

Nov 16, 2017

We close out our NYU Future Labs AI Summit interview series with Ross Fadely, a New York based AI lead with Insight Data Science. Insight is an interesting company offering a free seven week post-doctoral training fellowship helping individuals to bridge the gap between academia and careers in data science, data engineering and AI. Ross joined me backstage at the Future Labs Summit after leading a Machine Learning Primer for attendees. Our conversation explores some of the knowledge gaps that Insight has identified in folks coming out of academia, and how they structure their program to address them. If you find yourself looking to make this transition, you’ll definitely want to check out this episode. The notes for this show can be found at For series information, visit
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