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Does the Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie Need Batman? - Mailbag

Jul 15, 2018

Sunday, July 15th: Perri Nemiroff and Mark Reilly answer your mailbag questions.

Which famous person have you talked to that completely surprised you and who would you like to sit at bar with and just talk about life?

Do they need to have a Batman in the Joker movie with Phoenix?

In Jurassic Park the shaving cream can of embryos was buried & never came up again in any of the sequels. Do you think someone will discover it? Or play an important role in a future movie?

Is there a topic you get tired of reporting

“You made a time machine, out of a _________!?!” Considering the DeLorean was released just a few years before the movie, what recent car should it be? Tesla?

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