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EP 74: EVELO Sell Innovative Electric Bikes Direct to Consumer (D2C) w/ Boris Mordkovich

Apr 26, 2016

As you are aware - I LOVE the concept of selling direct to consumer and owning a brand in general as against selling a range of other manufacturers’ brands.
I especially LOVE direct to consumer product businesses when they go against the grain to disrupt an entire industry.
my guest on today’s show has done exactly that with his electric bike company he co-founded with his brother called EVELO.
it is a customer-obsessed at the same time innovative electric bike company
On this episode, Boris shares
  • how his company recently raised $750,000 from actual investors on seedinvest.com and not kickstarter or indiegogo
  • their sales funnel
  • why content marketing is synonymous to education (especially for high ticket products)
  • how they use their customers as affiliates in a clever ‘ambassador referral program’ they developed
  • and his view on why direct to consumer businesses should be 50% innovation and 50% customer experience
Read the show notes for this episode on http://2xecommerce.com/podcast/ep74/ 
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