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Episode 010: Kevin Wong - The Invincible Travel Budget

Dec 12, 2016

Kevin Wong aka Kwongeroo (more on that nickname in the show) is a 26 year old world traveler from Canada known for his ability to globe trot on a $25USD per day budget. 


His keen interest in traversing the world in the cheapest and most fulfilling way possible has unlocked his ability to optimize travel at all levels. Kevin can tell you the most cost effective (and savory) places to eat when you step into a new and foreign place and how to save money on transportation. 


His current trip is 20 months long and spans over 50 countries. This episode becomes an insightful conversation about the mission to break the 9-5 job barrier and travel near forever. We make the intrinsic fear on the road something tangible for discussion, whilst breaking down the psychosis of travel anxiety. 


Highlights from this episode include how American politics are viewed outside of the U.S. (Spoiler Alert: they care a lot more than we do) including the ripple affect abroad, Kevin's trip to see the Chernobyl Metal Dome, and tips and travel tricks for the newly adjusted backpacker. 

Chernobyl Dome


For more information from Kevin: Check out his Instagram at kwongeroo, Facebook at Kevin Wong, or email him @ kevin.richard.wong@gmail.com

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