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Product Hunt Radio: Episode 12 w/ Hunter Walk & Satya Patel

Jun 29, 2014

This week I, Ryan Hoover, visited the colorful Homebrew headquarters to catch up with Hunter Walk and Satya Patel. We chatted about their latest portfolio addition, the qualities they look for in a founder, and the awesomeness of "crazy" products like Vessyl and Yo. Products mentioned: - Nuzzle for iOS ( - See top news surfaced by your friends on Twitter & Facebook - theSkimm ( - Daily summary of current events in your inbox - Refresh ( - Get Insights about the People You Meet - Slack ( - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search - Fancy Hands ( - Assistants for Everyone - [SHADOW (alpha)]( - Dream-based social network - Yo ( - A simple app to say "yo" to friends - [Outdoors]( - AirBnB for Outdoors Equipment - Vessyl ( - A cup that knows what you're drinking - TravelbyDrone ( - Collects travel videos taken by drones - Snapchat Our Story ( - Experience live, real-time events together - shortwave ( - Short-range anonymous messaging (Secret meets Firechat) - Leo ( - Ephemeral group photo chat with text that last 24 hours
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