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Bianca Taylor

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Badassbabe Radio

Welcome to Bad Ass Babe Radio! Hosted by Bianca Taylor, this show was created to remind you how much of a bad ass babe you really are. On badassbabe radio, we are here for self-empowerment, inspiration, education, humor, and a little bit of tough love. We’re going to be talking about everything from redefining beauty standards, to breaking stereotypes, to being fearless independent women on a mission. We want to remind you to be true to who you are, take care of yourself from the inside out, and stand up for what you believe in. We’ll be talking to badassbabes from around the world who have insightful knowledge and inspiring stories to share. Its time to stop self-doubting and become the badassbabe you were meant to me Follow us on Instagram: Follow Us on Twitter: Bianca’s Instagram: Bianca's Fitness Instagram:

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