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Becoming Wise

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Becoming Wise

Becoming Wise is an inquiry into the mystery and art of living. Peabody Award-winning journalist Krista Tippett engages wise lives of our day — from Brian Greene and Jon Kabat-Zinn to Brené Brown and Maria Popova. A companion to the New York Times bestselling book from Penguin Press. On Being Studios is the producer of On Being, Becoming Wise, This Movie Changed Me, Creating Our Own Lives, and more to come.
Title Date Listen Download
Season Two Trailer Mar 11, 2019 Listen Download
#19 Einstein Speaks to Us About Race | S. James Gates Jul 25, 2016 Listen Download
#20 Trauma and Resilience Land in Our Bodies | Bessel Van Der Kolk Jul 25, 2016 Listen Download
#18 Evil, Forgiveness, and Prayer | Elie Wiesel Jul 8, 2016 Listen Download
#17 We Are the Beloved Community | John Lewis Jul 5, 2016 Listen Download
#16 The Universe Participates in the Mystery of God | Guy Consolmagno and George Coyne Jun 27, 2016 Listen Download
#15 I Feel, Therefore I Am | Eve Ensler Jun 20, 2016 Listen Download
#14 We Reclaim Abandoned Spaces | Shane Claiborne Jun 13, 2016 Listen Download
#13 We Choose Our Own Tribes | Seth Godin Jun 6, 2016 Listen Download
#12 Spirituality Is Enfolded Into the Act of Living | Sylvia Boorstein May 31, 2016 Listen Download
#11 The Good in the Other, the Doubt in Ourselves | Frances Kissling May 23, 2016 Listen Download
#10 The Inner World Is a Great, Undiscovered Terrain | Pico Iyer May 16, 2016 Listen Download
#9 Present to Life, Moment by Moment | Jon Kabat-Zinn May 9, 2016 Listen Download
#8 The Paradox of Suffering and Love | Kate Braestrup May 2, 2016 Listen Download
#7 Enriched by Difference | Jonathan Sacks Apr 25, 2016 Listen Download
#6 The Hidden Hand of the Equations | Brian Greene Apr 18, 2016 Listen Download
#5 The Desire to Know Each Other | Elizabeth Alexander Apr 11, 2016 Listen Download
#4 Compassion for Our Bodies | Matthew Sanford Apr 4, 2016 Listen Download
#3 Mapping Meaning in a Digital Age | Maria Popova Mar 18, 2016 Listen Download
#2 Beauty Is an Edge of Becoming | John O'Donohue Mar 18, 2016 Listen Download
#1 Courage Is Born from Struggle | Brené Brown Mar 18, 2016 Listen Download
Desmond Tutu — A God of Surprises Mar 20, 2014 Listen Download
Susan Cheever and Kevin Griffen — The Spirituality of Addiction and Recovery May 15, 2008 Listen Download
Kecia Ali, Omid Safi, Precious Rasheeda Muhammad, and Michael Wolfe — Progressive Islam in America Jul 28, 2005 Listen Download
Carl Feit, Anne Foerst, and Lindon Eaves — Science and Being Sep 23, 2004 Listen Download
Sharon Salzberg, Lawrence Kushner, Anne Lamott, and Omid Safi — The Meaning of Faith Apr 11, 2003 Listen Download

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