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Are you ready to turn your dreams into a reality? Do you think the military is stopping you from achieving your true potential? 22 Year Old Active Duty United States Marine Armando Nava is a entrepreneur, CEO, public speaker and Youtuber with over 400,000 subscribers. He's spent the last 3 years of his life being in the military, documenting his daily life and building his 6 figure business in the supplement industry. Little to no experience, he faced many downfalls from his fellow piers and loved ones for doing something out of the norm. He didn't let that stop him and now is aspiring give back, his podcast covers military lifestyle, money, success in social media and how to start a business. His philosophy is to why build and work on somebody else's dreams when you can do it for yourself, but staying humble in the process. Rather than being better than the person left or right of you. DOMINATE the game instead. He is no where near where he wants to be, but is continuing to strive to the top and documenting the process.

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