Break Up With Your BS

Break Up With Your BS

Kelsey Patel, Ryan Weiss

© Kelsey Patel, Ryan Weiss

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Break Up With Your BS

Over eight episodes, Ryan Weiss and Kelsey Patel take you on a journey from our struggles to our freedom. Even though it hurts, our pain is a great gift when we learn to be in right relationship with it. It’s not pretty but it’s worth it. This is why Break Up With Your BS exists. Meet Ryan Weiss, LifeCoach and Meditation Teacher and Kelsey Patel, Reiki Master and EFT Teacher. Together they get raw with the problems they face and then share the solutions and practices that have most impacted their lives and the thousands of clients they have supported over the years. Beyond this podcast, Ryan and Kelsey have created for you a few bonus materials. For free, you can download your Divine Writing Assignments on their website - Later in the series, they will share about the instructional videos they created to teach you their Morning Practice, Reiki, EFT (tapping), and a guided visualization. These practices will become your foundation to Break Up With Your BS.

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