Don't IEP Alone.

Don't IEP Alone.

Lisa Lightner

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Don't IEP Alone.

I attend IEP meetings for a living and you just can't compete with that level of crazy. This is the only podcast dedicated to helping parents navigate the IEP process. Warning: I've been told I have a Philly accent. I don't hear it. Also, I curse. It's something I'm working on as far as personal development. So please don't be put off. I'm trying. Inspired by her own son with disabilities, Lisa Lightner is an award-winning blogger and advocate. She has previously worked for her county's Arc and has served on the Boards of Directors for several disability organizations. Currently, she is her county's chairperson for the Right to Education Task Force, a federally decreed group set up in 1971 to ensure that all children in Pennsylvania had the opportunity to an education. When not attending IEP meetings with families or lobbying in Harrisburg and DC for disability rights, she can be found on the web at her IEP advice blog, A Day in our Shoes. She is known for her practical, realistic and implementable advice for parents.

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