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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the entrepreneur & creator behind The Skinny Confidential, a blog, brand, podcast, and YouTube channel that reaches millions of women and men trying to live their best lives by sharing wellness, business, beauty, & lifestyle tips. Michael Bosstick is a serial entrepreneur and brand builder as well as the Co-Founder and CEO of the Dear Media Podcast Network. The dynamic couple are also married and in this show you will find a mix of audio entertainment with world class leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, best selling authors, experts, & thought leaders. What can you expect as a listener? A completely raw and unfiltered, no holds barred conversation around the topics and questions you really want answered. Lauryn and Michael never hold back and this show never fails to bring value.
Title Date Listen Download
Healthy With Nedi - Diet Tricks, Wellness Tips, & Food Modifications with Neda Varbanova May 17, 2019 Listen Download
Mark Manson - Everything is F*cked, How To Find Hope, How To Stop Feeling Hopeless, The Pitfalls Of Success, & Why Self Control Is An Illusion May 14, 2019 Listen Download
Khalil Rafati - On How He Crawled Out Of The Depths Of Addiction Hell & Came Out The Other-Side, Battling Drug Addiction, Failure, & The Will To Persevere Through The Darkest Times May 7, 2019 Listen Download
The Wellness Mama, Katie Wells - On All Things Wellness, Optimization Of All Areas Of Your Life, Effective Parenting, & How To Build An Online Platform You Control May 3, 2019 Listen Download
Overheard LA's Jesse Margolis - The Man Behind The Overheard Brand On How To Build A Business Using Social Commentary Apr 30, 2019 Listen Download
Kaitlyn Bristowe - On What Really Happens On Reality TV, What It's Like To Get Engaged On TV, & How To Have A Healthy Break Up Apr 23, 2019 Listen Download
Taylor Strecker - How To Get In Touch With Who You Really Are, How To Live Your Truth, & How To Question Your Path Apr 19, 2019 Listen Download
How To Explore & Expand Your Sexuality With Doc Johnson's Chad & Erica Braveman - Sex Toys, How To Talk About Sex, & Removing Taboos Around Sex Apr 16, 2019 Listen Download
Benito Skinner aka Benny Drama - On How To Be Your Authentic Self To Find Happiness, Career Success, Social Media Comedy, & Community Apr 9, 2019 Listen Download
Georgia Louise - The Secret To Healthy Glowing Skin, How To Take Care Of Problematic Skin, The Do's & Don'ts of Skincare Apr 5, 2019 Listen Download
Jorge Cruise - How To Intermittent Fast, The Myths and Truths Behind Intermittent Fasting, Diet, Fitness, & Weight Management Apr 2, 2019 Listen Download
#178: Jackie Schimmel & Scotty Cunha - Roundtable, Dating Advice, Wild Stories, & A Lot Of Adult Content Mar 26, 2019 Listen Download
#177: 73 Questions w/ Michael Bosstick - Secrets, Hacks, Systems, Resources, & Embarrassing Moments Mar 22, 2019 Listen Download
#176: Dr. Barbara Sturm - How To Keep Youthful Skin, Prevent Aging, & Tips To Prevent Fine Lines Mar 19, 2019 Listen Download
#175: Jillian Michaels & Justin Anderson - A Roundtable Discussion on High Performance & Building A Meaningful Career Mar 12, 2019 Listen Download
#174: 73 Questions w/ Lauryn Evarts Bosstick - Goals, Random Shit, Past Relationships, The Works Mar 8, 2019 Listen Download
#173: Marie Forleo - How To Discover Your Passion & Turn It Into A Business, How To Live On Your Own Terms, & Breaking Through Fear Mar 5, 2019 Listen Download
#172: Tim Grover - The Secret To Becoming Relentless, Mental Dominance, & Achieving Excellence Feb 26, 2019 Listen Download
#171: Valentine Thomas - How To Quit A Job You Hate To Pursue A Career You Love, Sustainable & Ethical Eating, Spear Fishing, & Using Social Media To Build A Career Feb 22, 2019 Listen Download
#170: Kopari Beauty Founders, Kiana Cabell & Gigi Goldman - Morning Routines, Launching a Beauty Brand, The Benefits of Coconut Oil, & E-Commerce Feb 19, 2019 Listen Download
#169: Dr. Drew Pinsky - Sex, Drugs, & Social Media.. Addiction, Adderall, Celebrity Rehab, Therapy, & The Opiate Epidemic Feb 12, 2019 Listen Download
#168: Julie Piatt - How To Be Spiritual, Parenting Advice, Motherhood, & Relationship Advice Feb 8, 2019 Listen Download
#167: How To Build & Monetize An Online Brand w/ Brittany Krystle - The Business Of Podcasting, Podcast Monetization, Distribution, Marketing, & Growth Feb 5, 2019 Listen Download
#166: Robert Greene - The Laws Of Human Nature, Self-Love & Empathy, Narcissism, What Motivates Us, & Amor Fati Jan 29, 2019 Listen Download
#165: Vani Hari aka The Food Babe - Investigating Food Labeling, How To Decipher Ingredients, Activism, & The Food Industry Jan 25, 2019 Listen Download
#164: How To Get Motivated w/ Lauryn Evarts - Tips To Motivate Yourself, How To Stay Motivated, & Morning Routines To Set Up The Day Jan 22, 2019 Listen Download
#163: Dr. Steven Gundry - Can Vegetables Be Unhealthy?, The Plant Paradox, Gluten or No Gluten?, & Diet Jan 15, 2019 Listen Download
#162: Rachel Katzman, Founder of Cuvée Beauty - How To Turn An Idea Into A Business, Solving Problems, Growing Teams & Finding New Opportunity Jan 11, 2019 Listen Download
#161: Cara Santana - Work Ethic, Secrets To Personal Brand Success, Traditional Vs Digital Talent & Hustle Jan 8, 2019 Listen Download
#160: Ed Mylett - Peak Performance, How To Achieve Your Goals, Vulnerability, & How To Recover During Tough Times Jan 1, 2019 Listen Download
#159: Dirty John's Terra Newell - The Real Dirty John Story, Terra Newell Speaks Out, & The Demise of Dirty John Dec 28, 2018 Listen Download
#158: Relationship Q&A with Lauryn & Michael - Answering Relationship Questions Submitted by Listeners Dec 25, 2018 Listen Download
#157: Shaman Durek - Spiritual Guidance, Removing Self Limiting Beliefs, Ridding Yourself of Guilt & The Impact of Thoughts Dec 18, 2018 Listen Download
#156: David Meltzer - How To Master Time Management, Keeping Ego In Check, & Fulfillment Through Contribution Dec 14, 2018 Listen Download
#155: Luke Storey - Human Optimization, The Struggle of an Addict, Recovery, Spirituality, & Personal Transformation Dec 11, 2018 Listen Download
#154: Dana James - The Archetype Diet, Weight Management, Nutrition, & Functional Medicine Dec 4, 2018 Listen Download
#153: How To Make Money & Keep Your Money, How To Save, How To Invest, & How To Create a Plan For Financial Freedom Nov 30, 2018 Listen Download
#152: Santa Sold Shrooms w/ Four Sigmatic Founder Tero Isokauppila Pt. 2 - Psychedelics, Microdosing, & The History Of Santa Clause Nov 27, 2018 Listen Download
#151: Gal Meets Glam Founders Julia Engel & Thomas Berolzheimer - Blog to Brand to Product Line, How To Stay Focused, How to Execute a Long Term Vision & Working With Your Significant Other Nov 20, 2018 Listen Download
#150: Babes On A Budget with Lauryn Evarts -Favorite Finds Under $50, Beauty Products, Skincare, Gift Ideas, Food & More. Nov 16, 2018 Listen Download
#149: Breaking Beauty w/ Jill Dunn - Hot Beauty Products, Skincare Secrets, & Lauryn's Favorite Beauty Tips Nov 13, 2018 Listen Download
#148: Gigi Gorgeous - A Transgender Journey, Building a YouTube Empire, Personal Labels, & Building a Community Online Nov 6, 2018 Listen Download
#147: Heather McMahan - Comedic Relief, Laughing Through Hard Times, The Life of a Comic, & Building a Comedy Career Nov 2, 2018 Listen Download
#146: Alison Brod - How To Build A Massive Career, How To Network, The World of PR, & What It Takes To Build An Empire Oct 30, 2018 Listen Download
#145: Wednesday Martin - Sex, Female Infidelity, Monogamy, Why People Cheat, Desire, & Removing Sexual Misconceptions Oct 23, 2018 Listen Download
#144: Shannon Dellimore - Founder of GLAMGLOW, Building an Empire, Brand Growth, & Building a Brand in the Digital Age Oct 19, 2018 Listen Download
#143: Paul Fishman - How To Self Love, Ending Negative Self Talk, How To Be Confident, & The Blame Game Oct 16, 2018 Listen Download
#142: Suzy Batiz - Extreme Hardship, Ayahuasca Trips, Relationships with Money, Victimizing Ourselves VS Personal Accountability, & Overcoming Difficult Times Oct 9, 2018 Listen Download
#141: Skinny Tips, Intermittent Fasting, & Diet Modifications with Lauryn Evarts Oct 5, 2018 Listen Download
#140: Keep A Breast - Breast Cancer: Self Checks, Early Detection, and How To Be Preventative Oct 2, 2018 Listen Download
#139: Ingrid De La Mare - Taboo Diet & Fitness, Overcoming Prison, Divorce, & Hardship, Eating Habits, & Cultural Dieting Differences Sep 25, 2018 Listen Download
#138: Jillian Michaels & Giancarlo Chersich - Diet, Health, Sleep Patterns, Long Term Goals, Seeking Mentors, Investing Smart & Finding The Right Partner Sep 20, 2018 Listen Download
#137: Dr. Daniel Barrett - Lauryn’s Boob Job, Boob Jobs, Sizing, Mistakes To Avoid, Common Complications, Expat Boob Jobs, Implants, Mommy Makeovers, & Scarring Sep 18, 2018 Listen Download
#136: Justin Anderson - Celebrity Hair Colorist, Launching a Brand Online, Success Strategies, Hair Color, Influencer Marketing & Recipes for Success Sep 11, 2018 Listen Download
#135: Lauryn's Time Management & Productivity Hacks Sep 6, 2018 Listen Download
#134: Lisa Allen aka Salty Lashes - Young Parents, Advice For Young Parents, Integrity, Struggle, Parenting Rules, & Safety For Your Kids Sep 4, 2018 Listen Download
#133: Heather McDonald - Dating Advice, Online Dating, Family Dynamics, Comedy, Reality TV, Kris Jenner & Chelsea Handler Aug 28, 2018 Listen Download
#132: Nick Green - CEO of Thrive Market, How to Conquer Fear, Tenacity, How to Pitch Potential Investors, Raising Capital, Influencer Marketing & The Consequences of Inaction Aug 23, 2018 Listen Download
#131: Michael's Master List - Routines, Book Recs, Productivity Tools, Wellness & Supplement Products, Tech Tools, Fitness Routines, & Intermittent Fasting Aug 21, 2018 Listen Download
#130: Dr. Jason Diamond - The Art Of Facial Plastic Surgery, Facial Reconstruction, Rhinoplasty, Facial Rejuvenation, & The Golden Ratio Aug 14, 2018 Listen Download
#129: Rachel Hollis - Prioritizing Time & Maximizing Results, Childhood Trauma, Work/Life Balance, Mommy Shaming, How To Say No, & The Adoption Process Aug 9, 2018 Listen Download
#128: Emily Schuman & Geoffrey Fuller of Cupcakes & Cashmere - Building a Personal Brand, Couples Working Together, Relationship Advice, Personal Development & Parenting Aug 7, 2018 Listen Download
#127: Dr Dennis Gross Pt. 2 - Anti-Aging Techniques, Thinning Skin, Acne & Acne Causes, Skincare Myths, Filler & Fats, & Baby Botox Jul 31, 2018 Listen Download
#126: Kamiu Lee, CEO of Activate formerly Bloglovin' - Influencer Monetization, Content Discovery, Developing Confidence, & Brand Partnerships Jul 26, 2018 Listen Download
#125: Boob Job Recovery & Resilience with Lori Harder - Surgery Recovery Supplements, Wellness Practices, Overcoming Resistance & Seeking Out Healthy Relationships Jul 24, 2018 Listen Download
#124: Michele Promaulayko, Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan - #MeToo, Sex Ed, Wellness Routines, Meditation, & How To Break Into Content & Publishing in The Digital Age Jul 17, 2018 Listen Download
#123: Listener Calls with Jack Ketsoyan - Arranged Marriages, Celebrity PR. How To Interview, & Hollywood Stories Jul 12, 2018 Listen Download
#122: Candace Burch - Sex Drive, Hormone Imbalance, Mood Swings, Stress Levels, & Understanding Your Partners Hormones Jul 10, 2018 Listen Download
#121: Melissa Wood Pt. 2 - Understanding Eating Disorders, Vulnerability, Social Media Comparison, Productive Routines, & A Live Event Announcement Jul 3, 2018 Listen Download
#120: Dr. Michael Gervais - Positive Self Talk, Therapy, Success & Failure, Meditation, & Coaching Top Performers Jun 26, 2018 Listen Download
#119: Self-Care 101 With Lauryn Evarts - Tips on Morning Routines, Self-Care, and Living Your Best Day Jun 19, 2018 Listen Download
#118: Lewis Howes - Male Vulnerability, Emotional Trauma, Overcoming Stress & Anxiety, and Eliminating Negative Self Talk Jun 12, 2018 Listen Download
#117: Charlotte Cho - Hormonal Acne, Korean Beauty, Skin Care, Entrepreneurship, Morning & Evening Beauty Routines, & Plastic Surgery Jun 5, 2018 Listen Download
#116: Tero Isokauppila - Creating Your Own Category, Functional Mushrooms, Essentials To E-Commerce, Success, Failure, & How To Heal Your Skin With Food May 29, 2018 Listen Download
#115: Dr. Stephen Cabral - Gut Health, Anxiety, Depression, Energy, Metabolism & Hormones May 22, 2018 Listen Download
#114: Scotty Cunha - Celebrity Hairstylist, Relationship Dynamics, & Dating May 15, 2018 Listen Download
#113: Candice Kumai - The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, & Spirit May 8, 2018 Listen Download
#112: Aubrey Marcus - Open Relationships, Psychedelics, Human Optimization, Morning Routines & Owning The Day May 1, 2018 Listen Download
#111: Kristin Cavallari - Parenting, Routines, Reality TV, & The Grieving Process Apr 24, 2018 Listen Download
#110: Rich Roll - Resilience, Mental Strength, A Plant Based Diet, Discovering Yourself, & Forging Your Path Apr 17, 2018 Listen Download
#109: Kate Somerville - Problematic Skin, Branding Before Social & How to Name a Personal Brand Apr 10, 2018 Listen Download
#108: The Bitch Bible Part 3 with Jackie Schimmel - Online Dating, Marriage, & Dating Standards Apr 3, 2018 Listen Download
#107: Sakara Life Founders Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise - Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Diets, Building a business with minimal resources & Passion Vs. Mission Mar 27, 2018 Listen Download
#106: Glow Recipe Founders and Creators Sarah Lee & Christine Chang - Building a Global Beauty Brand, Shark Tank, Skincare, & Pursuing Your Dreams Mar 20, 2018 Listen Download
#105: Stephen Pasterino - Founder of P.volve, Elongate Your Shape, Eliminate Bulk, Victoria's Secret Routines, & Fitness Misconceptions Mar 12, 2018 Listen Download
#104 : The Master List by The Skinny Confidential - Products, Gadgets, Books, Hacks, and Tools Mar 6, 2018 Listen Download
#103: Sahara Rose - Ayurveda 101, Body Imbalance, Doshas, Tongue Scraping, Dream Meanings, and Knowing What Works With Your System Feb 27, 2018 Listen Download
#102: Lauren Elizabeth - Depression & Anxiety, Mental Illness, Comparison, The Many Roles of Digital Content Creators, Technology Breaks, & Running a Business VS. Creating Content Feb 22, 2018 Listen Download
Official Trailer: 2018 TSC Him & Her Trailer Feb 19, 2018 Listen Download
#101: Tracy DiNunzio, CEO & Founder of Tradesy - How To Start A Business With Minimal Resources, Pitching Investors & Raising Capital, Building Mental Muscles for Failure & Rejection Feb 13, 2018 Listen Download
#100: The Ladies Coach - Intimacy, Self Love, Cheating, Confidence, Victimizing Yourself vs. Fueling Yourself, Adversity, and Expectations Feb 6, 2018 Listen Download
#99: Sex With Emily - The Foundation For Great Sex, Self Love, Masturbation, Foreplay, Porn Vs. Unhealthy Porn, and What Kills Sex Drive Jan 30, 2018 Listen Download
#98: Be Well By Kelly Part 2 - Dieting In The New Year, Cortisol, Quick Fixes Vs. Long Term Fixes, Sleep Schedules, Fat Burning, Self Discipline and Diet Procrastination Jan 23, 2018 Listen Download
#97: Dr. Kay Durairaj - Plastic Surgery, Preventative Measures, Ethics Between Surgeons, and Misconceptions Behind Plastic Surgery Jan 16, 2018 Listen Download
#96: Amanda Cerny - Instagram Fame, Haters, Staying True To Yourself, and Building an Empire Jan 9, 2018 Listen Download
#95: Jillian Michaels - The Biggest Loser, Building & Sustaining a Personal Brand, Life as a Public Figure & Parenting Jan 2, 2018 Listen Download
#94: Dr. Mona Vand - Therapy, Relationship Stress, Plant Based Diets, Food Combining & Living Outside The Box Dec 29, 2017 Listen Download
#93: Cara Alwill Creator of The Champagne Diet - Creating Your Own Future, Abundance Mindsets vs. Scarcity Mindsets, and Experience Stretching Dec 19, 2017 Listen Download
#92: Kim Kelly Part 2 - Pre-Res Resolutions, Good Stress vs. Bad Stress, Documenting Workouts to figure out mental patterns, and Diet Hacks and Tips Dec 12, 2017 Listen Download
#91: Dr. Dennis Gross - Youthful Glowing Skin, Stimulating Collagen, Botox, Filler, Lymphatic Drainage, and Preventative Beauty Dec 5, 2017 Listen Download
#90: Tanya Zuckerbrot, The F-Factor Diet - Fiber, Protein, Weight Loss and Management, Creating a Caloric Deficit through Addition, and Thermogenesis Nov 28, 2017 Listen Download
#89: PureWow With MaryKate McGrath -Productivity Hacks, Building a Media Company, Scheduling Time For Yourself, Self-Awareness, and Skyscraping Nov 21, 2017 Listen Download
#88: The Morning Breath with Jackie and Claudia Oshry - A new kind of morning show, facebook groups, memes, and the digital age Nov 14, 2017 Listen Download
#87: Katherine Schwarzenegger - Author, Blogger, and Animal Activist on Animal Rescue, Inspiration, and Women Supporting Women Nov 7, 2017 Listen Download
#86: Melissa Wood Health - Plant Based Diets, Meditation, Battling Eating Disorders, and Being The Best Version of Yourself Oct 31, 2017 Listen Download
#85: Ashley Tisdale - Acting, Singing, and building an Empire Oct 24, 2017 Listen Download
#84: Lorna Jane Clarkson - Founder of Lorna Jane Activewear on Wellness, Health, and building an Empire Oct 17, 2017 Listen Download
#83: Ryan Holiday - Perseverance, Living In The Moment, Failure, Perception, and Creating Perennial Sellers Oct 10, 2017 Listen Download
#82: Create & Cultivate with Jaclyn Johnson Oct 3, 2017 Listen Download
#81: That's So Retrograde w/ Elizabeth Kott & Stephanie Simbari - Wellness trends, Vaccines, Diet, and Vaginal eggs! Sep 26, 2017 Listen Download
#80: Julie Solomon, The Influencer Podcast - Personal PR in the Digital Space Sep 19, 2017 Listen Download
#79: Lindsay Merrell - Brows, Injectables, and Eyelash Extensions 101... Michael Is Scared Sep 12, 2017 Listen Download
#78: Raina Penchansky, CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Brand Architects, building a brand in the digital space and building brand Sep 5, 2017 Listen Download
#77: Tony Robbins, An Extraordinary Quality Of Life Aug 29, 2017 Listen Download
#76: Making Mistakes and Learning - Blogging, Influencers, Comment Groups, Podcast mistakes and more Aug 22, 2017 Listen Download
#75: Travel Hacks and Travel Bugs, Tips and Tricks for Travel Aug 15, 2017 Listen Download
#74: The Minute Man with Taylor O'Connor aka The Bare Naked Cucumber Aug 8, 2017 Listen Download
BONUS 4: Ask Gary Vee: Influencer Marketing, How to Go Viral & Vlogging Aug 3, 2017 Listen Download
#73: Kim Kelly - Consistent Fitness, Positive Self Talk, Motivation, and How To Conquer Stress with Training Aug 1, 2017 Listen Download
#72: Unleash The Power Within! - A Recap of a Tony Robbins Seminar, Taking Action, Fear, Focus, Fulfillment, and Taking Responsibility Jul 25, 2017 Listen Download
#71: Sean Cannell, Building a YouTube Channel, Creating Video Content, Making a living using online Video Jul 18, 2017 Listen Download
#70: The Fat Jew aka Josh Ostrovsky - Wild Stories, Lunch with Kanye West, and Paris Hilton Jul 11, 2017 Listen Download
#69: SKINdependence Day - Skin Care, Beauty & Independence Jul 4, 2017 Listen Download
#68: Kaitlyn Bristowe of The Bachelorette Jun 27, 2017 Listen Download
#67: Be Well By Kelly, Kelly LeVeque - on Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets, Diet Tips, and How to Stay Full Longer Jun 20, 2017 Listen Download
#66: Standing Out & How To Use Social Media To Build Your Personal Brand and Business Jun 13, 2017 Listen Download
#65: Niki Connor, The Holistic Vegan Chef - Inflammation, sleep routines, holistic recipes, and candida Jun 6, 2017 Listen Download
#64: Relationship Q & A: Financial Independence, Traveling Together, Fights, and Growth May 30, 2017 Listen Download
BONUS 3: A Keynote - Brand Yourself, Align Your Image with Your Brand May 23, 2017 Listen Download
#63: Battling Addiction with Faye Evarts and Johnny Cheek - A conversation about the struggle of drug addiction May 16, 2017 Listen Download
#62: The Bitch Bible Part Two with Jackie Schimmel May 9, 2017 Listen Download
#61: Weslie & Bronson Christensen on Parenting and Pushing Through the Struggle of life as young parents May 2, 2017 Listen Download
BONUS 2: I WANT HER JOB ft. The Skinny Confidential Apr 27, 2017 Listen Download
#60: Alli Webb & Cameron Webb - Founders and Creators of Drybar Apr 25, 2017 Listen Download
#59: The Evarts Family w/ Brad Evarts, Julie Evarts, & Myles McKeown-Evarts -How to Get a Man, Blending Families, & Marriage Tips Apr 18, 2017 Listen Download
#58: Adderall and Compliments: Part Two with Annabelle DeSisto & Taylor O'Connor aka "The Bare Naked Cucumber" Apr 11, 2017 Listen Download
#57: Gary Bosstick: Father and Entrepreneur, Never Quitting, Always Learning, and Execution Over Ideas Apr 4, 2017 Listen Download
#56: Weight Loss Tips, Fitness Tips, and Love Chub Mar 28, 2017 Listen Download
#55: Email Etiquette, Speed Reading, and A Kick in the Ass w Taylor O'Connor aka "The Bare Naked Cucumber" Mar 21, 2017 Listen Download
BONUS 1: An Interview with Hanger Shortage on Building "The Skinny Confidential" Mar 16, 2017 Listen Download
#54: LadyGang w/ Keltie Knight & Becca Tobin Mar 14, 2017 Listen Download
#53: Erica Stolman aka Fashionlush -Phobias, Anxiety and the Business of Blogging Mar 7, 2017 Listen Download
#52: One Year w Adderal and Compliments host Annabelle DeSisto and show regular Taylor "The Bare Naked Cucucumber" O'Connor - Listener Call-Ins, Work Life Relationship Balance, First Job out of College Feb 28, 2017 Listen Download
#51: Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary Vee: Legacy, Influencer Marketing, College & Controlling Your Destiny Feb 21, 2017 Listen Download
#50: Jordan Younger: The Balanced Blonde, Orthorexia, Veganism, Working with Brands Feb 14, 2017 Listen Download
#49: Sabina Gadecki -The Naked Show Feb 7, 2017 Listen Download
#48: Mark Manson: The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck Jan 31, 2017 Listen Download
#47: CALL-IN TIME: Shady Cheaters, Introverts vs. Extroverts, & Think Small to go Big Jan 24, 2017 Listen Download
#46: Ally Hilfiger, BITE ME - A discussion on Lyme Disease Jan 17, 2017 Listen Download
#45: The Catfish and Rapid Fire Questions - Michael has been catfished Jan 10, 2017 Listen Download
#44: Co-Host Interview Part 2: Lauryn Evarts Jan 3, 2017 Listen Download
#43: Co-Host Interview Part 1: Michael Bosstick Dec 27, 2016 Listen Download
#42: Taylor O'Connor -Mr. Piss Pants Wild Ride! Putting in Work & Regrets Dec 20, 2016 Listen Download
#41: Jet Lag's a B*tch - Marketing and Branding Vs Sales and Transactions Dec 13, 2016 Listen Download
#40: Wrinkled Not Dead Part 2 with Mike and Jen Bell - Repairing a relatinship, chasing perfection & fight recovery Dec 6, 2016 Listen Download
#39: Brad Evarts - Daddy's In The House, Psychos, Branding, Relationship Advice Nov 29, 2016 Listen Download
#38: The Newlyweds Game, Fights, & Creating Valuable Content Nov 22, 2016 Listen Download
#37: Steve Houck - Married... Finally! Locked Down, Game Over. Nov 15, 2016 Listen Download
#36: Our Love Story -The Pre-Wedding Podcast Nov 8, 2016 Listen Download
#35: Girls ONLY with Jordan Bosstick Nov 1, 2016 Listen Download
#34: Crashing the Party, Bachelor & Bachelorette Breakdown Oct 25, 2016 Listen Download
#33: Adderall and Compliments with Annabelle DeSisto Oct 18, 2016 Listen Download
#32: What's Gaby Cooking with Gaby Dalkin Oct 11, 2016 Listen Download
#31: Taylor O'Connor Flared-Up, Razor Burned & Out of Control Oct 4, 2016 Listen Download
#30: Danny Kurtzman - Excuses are like assholes... motivation 101 and more mental toughness Sep 27, 2016 Listen Download
#29: Never Scared, Baby Fever, Long Term vs Short Term Decision Making, & How to beat a cold Sep 20, 2016 Listen Download
#28: Jordan Bostick & Nico Becerra - Is This Illegal?, How To Keep It Spicy, & Establishing Confidence Sep 13, 2016 Listen Download
#27: Wrinkled Not Dead with Mike and Jen Bell - How to Stay Married, & Turning Trials into Triumphs Sep 6, 2016 Listen Download
#26: The Meth Neighbor, Birth Control, & Advice to Our Younger Selves Aug 30, 2016 Listen Download
#25: The Sex Podcast, Wedding Dresses, Break ups, and Content Distribution Aug 23, 2016 Listen Download
#24: Love Chub, Losing Diamonds, & Influencer Culture Aug 16, 2016 Listen Download
#23: Alex & Gene Ciccolo - Instagram stories vs. Snapchat, Saint Tropez, Travel Tips, and Jealousy Aug 9, 2016 Listen Download
#22: The Bitch Bible with Jackie Schimmel Aug 2, 2016 Listen Download
#21: Porn, Online Dating, Watermelon Jerky, & The Pressure of Social Media Jul 26, 2016 Listen Download
#20: Seth Browning - Mental Toughness, Daily Routines, & Carb Cycling - TSC Ep 20 Jul 19, 2016 Listen Download
#19: How to Tell if Your Boyfriend is Being Shady, The Longest Wedding Plan Ever, & How to Get Your Blog Noticed Jul 12, 2016 Listen Download
#18: The Hangover Podcast, July 4th, Managing Couples Finances, and College Experiences Jul 5, 2016 Listen Download
#17: How to work with Instagram, Reaching out to brands, and can women make the first move Jun 28, 2016 Listen Download
#16: Mary Evarts - Why Comparing Yourself to Others can Hinder Your Success, What we would tell our younger selves, and how to rise when feeling low Jun 21, 2016 Listen Download
#15: The Break up Episode! When Relationships go south, working together, keeping your goals in line, how to know if you are with the right person. #Askhimandher Episode 15 Jun 15, 2016 Listen Download
#14: Mimi Evarts, Work Life Balance, How to use Calendar Apps, What to do with Cheaters, is Twitter making a comeback? Jun 7, 2016 Listen Download
#13: Is Monogamy a Real Thing? Working with friends and family, and how to stay positive when life gets tough. Jun 2, 2016 Listen Download
#12: Live from Florence, Italy!, Lauryn's Surprise Trip, How to Plan Travel, Keeping the romance alive and how to travel on a budget May 24, 2016 Listen Download
#11: How to deal with Anxiety, Sexting, What to look for when Hiring May 17, 2016 Listen Download
#10: How to use social media properly, making money on the internet, how to determine success, May 10, 2016 Listen Download
#9: Psycho Ex's, Public Speaking, How to be productive and get stuff done, launching a business while you have a job May 4, 2016 Listen Download
#8: Acupuncture, Cryotherapy, Haters, Manscaping, Break ups, and After College Apr 26, 2016 Listen Download
#7: Expanding Your Team and Delegating Effectively, Maintaining Independence, Jealousy, Your Friends and Your Snapchat, Sex on the First Date? #askhimandher Episode 7 Apr 20, 2016 Listen Download
#6: Boob Jobs, Moving in together, Networking, and Finding your Passion #askhimandher Episode 6 Apr 12, 2016 Listen Download
#5: Blog to Book, Instagram's New Algorithm, Brand Name, and Content Production, #askhimandher Episode 5 Apr 5, 2016 Listen Download
#4: Working With Your Significant Other, Managing and Delegating, Defining Roles, Jet Lag, and Eating Healthy, #askhimandher Episode 4 Mar 29, 2016 Listen Download
#3: New York City, The Ask Gary Vee Show, How to Interview, and Bad Bosses, #askhimandher Episode 3 Mar 23, 2016 Listen Download
#2: How To Start A Blog, Snapchat and Awareness, Jaw Surgery, Authentic Content, #askhimandher Episode 2 Mar 14, 2016 Listen Download
#1: Introduction to Lauryn and Michael, Why a podcast, the first of many, #askhimandher Episode 1 Mar 14, 2016 Listen Download

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