Mastering Marriage:  Marriage Advice & Coaching | Destroying Divorce | Mend Our Marriage

Mastering Marriage: Marriage Advice & Coaching | Destroying Divorce | Mend Our Marriage

David & Amanda Taylor: Marriage Counselor, Relationship Coach, Divorce Destroyers

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Mastering Marriage: Marriage Advice & Coaching | Destroying Divorce | Mend Our Marriage

In this podcast, David and Amanda Taylor, marriage experts from Mend Our Marriage, provides marital coaching and advice! This podcast is for those who are interested in learning how to overcome relationship obstructions, love better, and secure a long lasting relationship. View it as your daily study time...listen to it on the way to work, at the gym, while you are surfing the web...etc. David Taylor is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Self-Help & Relationship Expert, and Business Consultant. Together with his wife Amanda Taylor, they focus on helping couples to break the back of divorce by being intentional about improving their marriages. Their site can be found at
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64: 3 Things That Your Marriage Absolutely Needs and why none of them is love... Jul 5, 2018 Listen Download
63: The Biggest Difference Between Happy & Unhappy Couples Mar 15, 2018 Listen Download
62: The 10 Things Your Marriage Should Be Built On Oct 6, 2017 Listen Download
61: Hopeful Romantic...7 Ways To Be Intentional About Intimacy In Your Marriage May 19, 2017 Listen Download
60: The 7 Stages Of Reconciliation Apr 27, 2017 Listen Download
59: Every Man's Battle Mar 20, 2017 Listen Download
58: The REAL Reason Why Most Marriages Struggle Feb 24, 2017 Listen Download
57: Porn & Marriage Feb 3, 2017 Listen Download
56: The Marriage Mirror: What Do You See When You Look At Your Spouse? Jan 13, 2017 Listen Download
55: Why Your Husband Hates Being Married... Jul 28, 2016 Listen Download
54: How To Tell If Your Baggage Is Ruining Your Marriage Jun 20, 2016 Listen Download
53: Help! My Man Needs A Man... May 20, 2016 Listen Download
52: Enhancing Your Marriage Using These 11 Effective Communication Techniques Apr 15, 2016 Listen Download
51: Are You Married To Someone Different Than Your True Spouse? Mar 11, 2016 Listen Download
50: Understanding The 6 Stages of Marriage Pt 3 Feb 26, 2016 Listen Download
49: Understanding The 6 Stages of Marriage Pt 2 of 3 Feb 15, 2016 Listen Download
48: Understanding The 6 Stages of Marriage Pt 1 of 3 Jan 29, 2016 Listen Download
47: Starting The Year Off Right By Surveying The 6 Areas Of Intimacy In Your Marriage Jan 6, 2016 Listen Download
46: 8 Steps To Speaking To The Heart Of Your Reluctant Spouse Dec 21, 2015 Listen Download
45: Tools For Growth: 8 Ways To Silence Out The Negativity In Your Marriage Nov 25, 2015 Listen Download
44: How To Connect With A Reluctant Spouse...Advanced strategies Oct 30, 2015 Listen Download
43: How To Stand For Your Reluctant Spouse Without Getting Lost Oct 2, 2015 Listen Download
42: Why You Must Be A Student Of Your Spouse & What Happens If You Aren't Sep 11, 2015 Listen Download
41: Unmotivated To Love: The Truth Behind Why Your Spouse Is Reluctant Aug 21, 2015 Listen Download
40: The Dangers of Relying on Your Spouse to Make Your Feel Loved Jul 31, 2015 Listen Download
39: How Do I Remain Strong When I Am Constantly Being Torn Down? Jul 1, 2015 Listen Download
38: While we were separated I got a tattoo of another woman's name on me...what should I do? Jun 18, 2015 Listen Download
37: Loving Walls Down Part 2: Advanced Strategies For Remaining Motivated To Love May 11, 2015 Listen Download
36: Why Did I Get Married? It's Time To Reveal The Truth! Mar 17, 2015 Listen Download
35: If Your Spouse Wants To Leave...Should You Let Them? Feb 17, 2015 Listen Download
34: The Most Important Thing We've Learned About Marriages So Far & Other New Things Feb 10, 2015 Listen Download
33: Motivated To Love Part 1: How To Love The Walls Down Dec 19, 2014 Listen Download
32: After 2 years of marriage, I still can't trust him...what do I do? Dec 15, 2014 Listen Download
31: Love...The Most Misunderstood Element Of Relationships Dec 1, 2014 Listen Download
30: Your Spouse Vs. God: How do I not put my husband before God? Nov 24, 2014 Listen Download
29: One Thing Even Science Proves Your Marriage Needs Nov 14, 2014 Listen Download
28: Sex Challenge...4 days in a row & 4 different locations Nov 12, 2014 Listen Download
27: The One Thing More Important Than Love...and It's Not Sex! Nov 7, 2014 Listen Download
26: The Naked Truth Part 2: He wanted out of the marriage but she never quit Nov 5, 2014 Listen Download
25: The Best Way To Improve Your Communication Starting TODAY...The Art of Listening Oct 31, 2014 Listen Download
24: She tells me that she no longer wants to be married, what do I do? Oct 27, 2014 Listen Download
23: The Marriage Killer: The 1 thing that is destroying your marriage and 4 steps to cure it. Oct 24, 2014 Listen Download
22: I feel unloved by my husband, should I accept the way that he loves me or should he change? Oct 22, 2014 Listen Download
21: My husband confides in other women but argues with me...we need help communicating. Oct 20, 2014 Listen Download
20: The Naked Truth Behind Why We Almost Got A Divorce Oct 17, 2014 Listen Download
19: I caught my husband naked with another do I recover? Oct 15, 2014 Listen Download
18: My Husband Looks At Other Women & That Makes Me Feel Less Attractive...Am I Overreacting? Oct 13, 2014 Listen Download
17: My husband sends pics of his penis to other women, and tells them he wants to have oral sex with! Oct 8, 2014 Listen Download
16: We have sex only 2 to 3 times a month and I have no desire, what can I do to solve this? Oct 6, 2014 Listen Download
15: A Show Dedicated To Our Listeners Oct 3, 2014 Listen Download
14: How do I continue to fight for my marriage when my husband doesn't love me anymore? Oct 1, 2014 Listen Download
13: We have been married for 7 years and he still won't open up to me? Sep 29, 2014 Listen Download
12: 4 Reasons Why Your Marriage Is Failing Sep 26, 2014 Listen Download
11: I cheated on him, he is cheating on me, we have filed for divorce, and we haven't been married for a year!!! Sep 24, 2014 Listen Download
10: After being cheated on multiple time, is it possible for me to trust him again? Sep 22, 2014 Listen Download
09: Emotional Intimacy...Why Every Marriage Needs It & 6 Steps To Get It Sep 19, 2014 Listen Download
08: I Can't Forgive Myself For My Past Mistakes...And Because Of That, I Don't Feel Worthy Of My Spouse. Sep 17, 2014 Listen Download
07: I have absolutely no physical attraction with my husband, I rush through sex and I want a divorce but I don't have the money for it yet, what do I do? Sep 15, 2014 Listen Download
06: She deletes phone calls and text messages and she doesn't answer my questions. How do I get my wife to open up without seeming controlling? Sep 10, 2014 Listen Download
05: My Husband's Still Carries A Torch For His Ex Who Wishes She Would Have Had His Baby...How Should I Handle This? Sep 9, 2014 Listen Download
04: We Have Sex But No Foreplay...What Do I Do When The Intimacy Is Gone? Sep 8, 2014 Listen Download
03: I'm Unemployed But I Need My Wife To Trust My Plan...What Do I Do? Aug 29, 2014 Listen Download
02: We Are Married But Still Live With Our Parents...How Can We Have Sex Without Disturbing Anyone? Aug 29, 2014 Listen Download
01: What Do I Do When My Husband Is Not Interested In Having Sex As Much As I Am? Aug 29, 2014 Listen Download

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