RAND Congressional Briefing Series

RAND Congressional Briefing Series

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RAND Congressional Briefing Series

The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. RAND Congressional Briefings connect RAND experts with lawmakers, legislative staff, and respected opinion leaders on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to present findings and recommendations on issues relevant to the current policy debate. For more about RAND, visit www.rand.org.
Title Date Listen Download
Protecting Consumer Data: Considerations for Congress Jun 8, 2018 Listen Download
Overcoming the Threats of Our Strategic Competitors Mar 27, 2018 Listen Download
Fixing What's Broken with Infrastructure Policy: Options for Congress Jan 24, 2018 Listen Download
Equifax and the Data-Breach Era: How Worried Should We Be? Oct 26, 2017 Listen Download
North Korea's Continuous Provocations Jul 17, 2017 Listen Download
States vs. the Federal Government: Marijuana Legalization in the United States Jun 9, 2017 Listen Download
Informing Investments in High-Quality Preschool May 5, 2017 Listen Download
Repeal, Replace, Repair, or Improve? The Future of the ACA Mar 17, 2017 Listen Download
Getting to Yes with China in Cyberspace: Is It Possible? May 12, 2016 Listen Download
Meeting the Health Care Needs of America's Veterans: A Summary of Three RAND Assessments Conducted Under the Veterans Choice Act Feb 18, 2016 Listen Download
Lessening the Risk of Refugee Radicalization Feb 16, 2016 Listen Download
United States and China: Trends in Military Competition Oct 14, 2015 Listen Download
Lessons from a Hacker: Cyber Concepts for Policymakers Oct 1, 2015 Listen Download
Strategic Rethink: Choices for America in a Turbulent World Aug 6, 2015 Listen Download
The Use of Long-Range Armed Drones: Fact v. Myth Mar 10, 2015 Listen Download
Reauthorizing ESEA: Congress' Role in Improving Assessments, Accountability, and Teaching Effectiveness Feb 18, 2015 Listen Download
Premium Tax Credits and the Affordable Care Act: The Potential Ramifications of King v. Burwell Feb 3, 2015 Listen Download
Insights About Marijuana Legalization in the United States Jan 21, 2015 Listen Download
Congressional Options and Their Likely Consequences for a Nuclear Deal with Iran Dec 16, 2014 Listen Download
The Future of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act: Expiration, Reauthorization, Modification Jun 11, 2014 Listen Download
Israeli, Saudi, and Iranian Responses in the Days After a Deal With Iran: What Are the U.S. Options? Jun 4, 2014 Listen Download
Hidden Heroes: America's Military Caregivers May 15, 2014 Listen Download
Do Joint Fighter Programs Save Money? Mar 28, 2014 Listen Download
"Self Driving" Vehicles: Great Benefits, but Barriers to Widespread Adoption Mar 24, 2014 Listen Download
Correctional Education: How Effective Is It and What Can We Do to Make It Better? Feb 18, 2014 Listen Download
Making Sense of Nuclear Negotiations with Iran: A Good Deal or a Bad Deal? Jan 22, 2014 Listen Download
The Future of Mobility: Transportation 2030 Dec 3, 2013 Listen Download
Preparing for North Korean Regime Collapse Oct 16, 2013 Listen Download
Egypt and the Question of U.S. Assistance Jul 25, 2013 Listen Download
Mapping Egyptian Politics: Where Is Egypt Heading and What Does That Mean for the United States? Mar 22, 2013 Listen Download
Adapting to Climate Change on the Coast: Lessons from Louisiana for Federal Policy Jan 23, 2013 Listen Download
Skin in the Game: How Consumer-Directed Health Plans Can Affect the Cost and Use of Health Care Dec 10, 2012 Listen Download
What Are the Prospects for Democratization in the Arab World? Oct 10, 2012 Listen Download
Marijuana Legalization: What We Know and What We Don't Jul 17, 2012 Listen Download
Prisoner Reentry and Public Health: Is Your State Ready? Jun 21, 2012 Listen Download
How to Defuse Iran's Nuclear Threat: Bolster Diplomacy, Israeli Security, and the Iranian Citizenry Jun 7, 2012 Listen Download
The Elementary and Secondary Education Act: Maintaining Accountability and Nurturing Innovation Through a Reauthorized ESEA May 22, 2012 Listen Download
Information Sharing for Cyber-Security: Evidence from Europe May 7, 2012 Listen Download
The Outlook for U.S.-Russian Relations in Putin's Third Term Apr 11, 2012 Listen Download
Defense Spending Efficiencies Mar 29, 2012 Listen Download
Cyberdeterrence and Cyberwar Feb 22, 2012 Listen Download
Global HIV Programs at the Crossroads: How Can Donor Funding Be Optimized? Dec 20, 2011 Listen Download
VA Mental Health Care: How Good Is It and How Can We Make It Better? Dec 5, 2011 Listen Download
How Does Growth in Health Care Costs Affect the American Family? Oct 4, 2011 Listen Download
The Public Health System Since 9/11: Progress Made and Challenges Remaining Aug 24, 2011 Listen Download
The Long Shadow of 9/11: America's Response to Terrorism Jul 26, 2011 Listen Download
How Police Departments' Post-9/11 Focus on Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Has Affected Their Capacity to Fight Crime Jul 22, 2011 Listen Download
Nurturing the Arab Spring: What Can Be Done to Remove Existing Barriers to Freedom of Expression in the Arab World? Jun 15, 2011 Listen Download
The War Within: Preventing Suicide in the U.S. Military May 18, 2011 Listen Download
A New Way to Pay for Transportation: Exploring a Shift from Fuel Taxes to Mileage-Based User Fees Apr 27, 2011 Listen Download
Partners in Preparedness: How Governments Can Leverage the Strengths of NGOs in Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Mar 15, 2011 Listen Download
Unique Educational Games for Financial Literacy Nov 9, 2010 Listen Download
Rebuilding Haiti Oct 19, 2010 Listen Download
The Quality of Care for Patients Dying in the Hospital: Areas for Improvement Suggest Fundamental Problem in U.S. Health Care Sep 15, 2010 Listen Download
Improving Performance-Based Accountability for Public Services Aug 10, 2010 Listen Download
Civilian Defense Forces in Afghanistan Jul 26, 2010 Listen Download
Marijuana Legalization: Projected Revenues, Costs, and Effects on Price and Use in California Jul 13, 2010 Listen Download
Cash Incentives and Military Enlistment, Attrition, and Reenlistment Jun 15, 2010 Listen Download
Improving the Energy Performance of Buildings: Learning from the European Union and Australia Apr 13, 2010 Listen Download
Surface Transportation Finance: The End of User Financing or a New Beginning? Mar 9, 2010 Listen Download
Children on the Home Front: The Experiences of Children from Military Families Mar 2, 2010 Listen Download
The Impact of Deployment on the Post-Deployment Labor Market Earnings of Reservists Nov 10, 2009 Listen Download
Ending Social Promotion: Examining the Effects of NYC's 5th-Grade Promotion Policy Oct 20, 2009 Listen Download
The H1N1 Pandemic: Lessons Learned from the Cities Readiness Initiative Sep 15, 2009 Listen Download
Options for Controlling Health Care Spending in Massachusetts Aug 19, 2009 Listen Download
Reparable Harm: Assessing Disparities Faced by Boys and Men of Color in California Aug 11, 2009 Listen Download
The Economic Cost of Methamphetamine Use in the United States Jul 14, 2009 Listen Download
Engaging Iran: Opportunities and Obstacles Jun 9, 2009 Listen Download
Imported Oil and U.S. National Security May 12, 2009 Listen Download
What Constitutes an Effective Approach to Limiting Greenhouse Gases? Apr 14, 2009 Listen Download

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