Rethink Podcast with Jim Burgen: Episodes

Rethink Podcast with Jim Burgen: Episodes

Jim Burgen

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Rethink Podcast with Jim Burgen: Episodes

Jim Burgen is the Lead Pastor of Flatirons Community Church in Lafayette, Colorado. Over the past five years, Flatirons has been consistently named one of the fastest growing churches in America. Jim has dedicated his life and ministry to bringing the awesome life of Christ to a lost and broken world. Jim's passion is holding onto both truth and grace, eliminating religious obstacles and weirdness, and creating excellent, safe environments in which people can bump into Jesus. Jim has authored several books, including What’s the Big Deal About Sex? – a 2000 Gold Medallion Award Winner. He serves on the board of SOZO international, a non-government organization focused on relief and development in Central Asia. Aside from Flatirons and its international partners, Jim can be found in the mountains hunting, shooting, hiking, camping or four-wheeling. Jim lives with his wife, Robin, in Erie, Colorado.

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