Shum Dumb Podcast - #1

Shum Dumb Podcast - #1

Moist Mob

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Shum Dumb Podcast - #1

Have you ever wondered what goes into the creative process of your favourite television show? Shum Dumb is the first podcast following 3 friends writing a television show about a 16 year old talking Bong and his best friend from scratch with nothing but pure will and 2.5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms. Yes, we take magic mushrooms and answer the age old question, is everything funnier when you are on mushrooms or are you actually funnier. *Disclaimer: we have no creative background in content creation, we are just three friends who think we are really funny. Episode 1 focused more heavily on the sexual anatomy of a talking bong, but as we progress we hope to expand on characters and story lines.

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