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TED Talks Kids and Family


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TED Talks Kids and Family

Fun videos to inspire, intrigue and stir your imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on TED.com, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Title Date Listen Download
Reflections from a lifetime fighting to end child poverty | Pat Mitchell Jan 30, 2019 Listen Download
A mother and son's photographic journey through dementia | Tony Luciani Jan 14, 2019 Listen Download
The story of a parent's transition and a son's redemption | Jonathan Williams Jan 7, 2019 Listen Download
How storytelling helps parents in prison stay connected to their kids | Alan Crickmore Dec 10, 2018 Listen Download
The work that makes all other work possible | Ai-jen Poo Dec 7, 2018 Listen Download
How kids can help design cities | Mara Mintzer Nov 7, 2018 Listen Download
A new way to think about the transition to motherhood | Alexandra Sacks Aug 30, 2018 Listen Download
To transform child welfare, take race out of the equation | Jessica Pryce Aug 21, 2018 Listen Download
Why I fight for the education of refugee girls (like me) | Mary Maker Aug 15, 2018 Listen Download
Why doctors are offering free tax prep in their waiting rooms | Lucy Marcil Jul 23, 2018 Listen Download
The nightmare videos of children's YouTube -- and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle Jun 22, 2018 Listen Download
Can home cooking change the world? | Gastón Acurio Jun 18, 2018 Listen Download
A teen scientist's invention to help wounds heal | Anushka Naiknaware May 29, 2018 Listen Download
This simple test can help kids hear better | Susan Emmett May 29, 2018 Listen Download
Where joy hides and how to find it | Ingrid Fetell Lee May 21, 2018 Listen Download
What it's like to be a transgender dad | LB Hannahs May 10, 2018 Listen Download
How I use Minecraft to help kids with autism | Stuart Duncan Feb 2, 2018 Listen Download
A mother and son united by love and art | Hank Willis Thomas Dec 20, 2017 Listen Download
For the love of birds | Washington Wachira Nov 6, 2017 Listen Download
3 fears about screen time for kids -- and why they're not true | Sara DeWitt Oct 12, 2017 Listen Download
Electrical experiments with plants that count and communicate | Greg Gage Oct 10, 2017 Listen Download
The fascinating physics of everyday life | Helen Czerski Sep 14, 2017 Listen Download
How to design a library that makes kids want to read | Michael Bierut Jun 2, 2017 Listen Download
Why school should start later for teens | Wendy Troxel May 18, 2017 Listen Download
A summer school kids actually want to attend | Karim Abouelnaga May 5, 2017 Listen Download
A young inventor's plan to recycle Styrofoam | Ashton Cofer Mar 27, 2017 Listen Download
Stories from a home for terminally ill children | Kathy Hull Mar 2, 2017 Listen Download
What it's like to be a parent in a war zone | Aala El-Khani Feb 10, 2017 Listen Download
A young scientist's quest for clean water | Deepika Kurup Jan 27, 2017 Listen Download
What I learned from 100 days of rejection | Jia Jiang Dec 7, 2016 Listen Download
How an old loop of railroads is changing the face of a city | Ryan Gravel Dec 1, 2016 Listen Download
Easy DIY projects for kid engineers | Fawn Qiu Nov 10, 2016 Listen Download
How to raise successful kids -- without over-parenting | Julie Lythcott-Haims Sep 13, 2016 Listen Download
Bring on the female superheroes! | Christopher Bell Aug 30, 2016 Listen Download
Nature is everywhere -- we just need to learn to see it | Emma Marris Jul 13, 2016 Listen Download
Can you really tell if a kid is lying? | Kang Lee May 13, 2016 Listen Download
You have no idea where camels really come from | Latif Nasser Mar 23, 2016 Listen Download
How yarn bombing grew into a worldwide movement | Magda Sayeg Mar 1, 2016 Listen Download
Glow-in-the-dark sharks and other stunning sea creatures | David Gruber Jan 26, 2016 Listen Download
The mysterious world of underwater caves | Jill Heinerth Jan 15, 2016 Listen Download
How I teach kids to love science | Cesar Harada Oct 27, 2015 Listen Download
The surprisingly logical minds of babies | Laura Schulz Jun 2, 2015 Listen Download
How we unearthed the Spinosaurus | Nizar Ibrahim Apr 24, 2015 Listen Download
How to raise a black son in America | Clint Smith Apr 23, 2015 Listen Download
The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen | Takaharu Tezuka Apr 14, 2015 Listen Download
Play this word game to come up with original ideas | Shimpei Takahashi Mar 12, 2015 Listen Download
A magical search for a coincidence | Helder Guimarães Feb 27, 2015 Listen Download
Why a good book is a secret door | Mac Barnett Sep 17, 2014 Listen Download
How our stories cross over | Colin Grant Sep 5, 2014 Listen Download
Why lunch ladies are heroes | Jarrett J. Krosoczka Aug 20, 2014 Listen Download
Two nerdy obsessions meet -- and it's magic | David Kwong Jul 11, 2014 Listen Download
Two poems about what dogs think (probably) | Billy Collins Jun 20, 2014 Listen Download
And for my next trick, a robot | Marco Tempest May 6, 2014 Listen Download
For parents, happiness is a very high bar | Jennifer Senior Apr 15, 2014 Listen Download
Hidden miracles of the natural world | Louie Schwartzberg Apr 9, 2014 Listen Download
My daughter, Malala | Ziauddin Yousafzai Mar 24, 2014 Listen Download
What I learned from going blind in space | Chris Hadfield Mar 19, 2014 Listen Download
What we can learn from galaxies far, far away | Henry Lin Feb 27, 2014 Listen Download
Meet a young entrepreneur, cartoonist, designer, activist ... | Maya Penn Jan 31, 2014 Listen Download
Want to be an activist? Start with your toys | McKenna Pope Jan 29, 2014 Listen Download
How I beat stage fright | Joe Kowan Jan 24, 2014 Listen Download
My glacier cave discoveries | Eddy Cartaya Dec 11, 2013 Listen Download
Massively multi-player… thumb-wrestling? | Jane McGonigal Nov 15, 2013 Listen Download
The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins Sep 13, 2013 Listen Download
How a penny made me feel like a millionaire | Tania Luna Jul 26, 2013 Listen Download
Two young scientists break down plastics with bacteria | Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao Jul 18, 2013 Listen Download
A promising test for pancreatic cancer ... from a teenager | Jack Andraka Jul 11, 2013 Listen Download
Hack a banana, make a keyboard! | Jay Silver May 16, 2013 Listen Download
My radical plan for small nuclear fission reactors | Taylor Wilson Apr 30, 2013 Listen Download
My journey to yo-yo mastery | BLACK Apr 19, 2013 Listen Download
A mini robot -- powered by your phone | Keller Rinaudo Apr 9, 2013 Listen Download
A skateboard, with a boost | Sanjay Dastoor Apr 2, 2013 Listen Download
My invention that made peace with lions | Richard Turere Mar 27, 2013 Listen Download
To This Day ... for the bullied and beautiful | Shane Koyczan Mar 8, 2013 Listen Download
Agile programming -- for your family | Bruce Feiler Feb 25, 2013 Listen Download
Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model. | Cameron Russell Jan 16, 2013 Listen Download
A father-daughter dance ... in prison | Angela Patton Jan 14, 2013 Listen Download
How a boy became an artist | Jarrett J. Krosoczka Jan 9, 2013 Listen Download
A father-daughter bond, one photo at a time | Steven Addis Dec 19, 2012 Listen Download
Why bother leaving the house? | Ben Saunders Dec 14, 2012 Listen Download
The dance of the dung beetle | Marcus Byrne Dec 13, 2012 Listen Download
Why I love vultures | Munir Virani Nov 29, 2012 Listen Download
A broken body isn't a broken person | Janine Shepherd Nov 28, 2012 Listen Download
How to "sketch" with electronics | Leah Buechley Nov 15, 2012 Listen Download
Love letters to strangers | Hannah Brencher Nov 14, 2012 Listen Download
The secret of the bat genome | Emma Teeling Oct 31, 2012 Listen Download
A cyber-magic card trick like no other | Marco Tempest Oct 26, 2012 Listen Download
A child of the state | Lemn Sissay Oct 24, 2012 Listen Download
Science is for everyone, kids included | Amy O'Toole Oct 17, 2012 Listen Download
The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain | Sarah-Jayne Blakemore Sep 17, 2012 Listen Download
Advice to a young scientist | E.O. Wilson Jun 25, 2012 Listen Download
Tour the solar system from home | Jon Nguyen Jun 23, 2012 Listen Download
Pop an ollie and innovate! | Rodney Mullen Jun 16, 2012 Listen Download
The journey across the high wire | Philippe Petit May 23, 2012 Listen Download
Unseen footage, untamed nature | Karen Bass May 9, 2012 Listen Download

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