The Pants Off Podcast with CB & JJ

The Pants Off Podcast with CB & JJ

Clark Bartram, Jeremy Jackson

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The Pants Off Podcast with CB & JJ

This unique podcast covers everything from entertainment, fitness, spirituality to mind altering holds barred open forum discussion but all guests need to have their "pants off". The shows hosts Clark Bartram and Jeremy Jackson have made an imprint on their perspective carriers now they will bring that insight and their celebrity friends to the show. Clark Bartram made his mark in the fitness industry by appearing on over 150 magazine covers, massive television exposure, movies like Batman Dead End and more. Jeremy Jackson is best known for his role as Hobie on the most famous show to every be televised...Bay Watch. He has also been known for some "child star" behavior that has led him to a patch of recovery and self enlightenment. This show promises to entertain and inspire all with their Pants Off....Why you ask? "Because" say the hosts....Why not!! Join in and listen and share the show with any and everyone you know...they will be happy, or mad, that you did.

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