The Parent Pep Talk

The Parent Pep Talk

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The Parent Pep Talk

Is parenting supposed to be this hard? Only if you’re doing it right. That’s the idea behind The Parent Pep Talk, a heartfelt, humorous and honest podcast for parents. In each episode, host Gary Karton interviews an expert on a topic that’s important to parents, a panel of teens answers your toughest parenting questions, and a fellow parent “Takes One for the Team” by sharing an awkward story about their kids or their parenting to help us realize that there are no perfect parents, there are no perfect kids, and we’re all doing our best. This is a podcast for parents who are looking for a little perspective, a few well-tested tips, and the truth—that parenting can be tough and stressful, but it can also be fun, especially when you realize you’re not alone. The Parent Pep Talk is brought to you by Safe Kids Worldwide, and every episode includes a Safe Kids Tip of the Week.

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