The RFK Tapes

The RFK Tapes

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The RFK Tapes

From the creators of Crimetown and Cadence13, this is The RFK Tapes, an audio documentary series that takes a new look at the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, a murder we were told was solved. Sirhan Sirhan was captured at the scene, gun in hand. He admitted to the crime and is serving a life sentence. But questions linger. Who was the mysterious woman in the polka dot dress? Were there more bullets fired than Sirhan had in his gun? Why doesn’t Sirhan remember the murder? And why did the LAPD lock away hours and hours of recorded witness testimony for more than twenty years? Over the course of ten episodes, The RFK Tapes will use those hidden police tapes, other rare recordings, and new interviews with the people who were there to try to understand what really happened on June 5, 1968. Hosted by Zac Stuart-Pontier (Crimetown) and Bill Klaber (author, Shadow Play).

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