Veteran Podcast And Military News Talk Radio Including Special Operations And Military Technology - Chairborne Commandos

Veteran Podcast And Military News Talk Radio Including Special Operations And Military Technology - Chairborne Commandos

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Veteran Podcast And Military News Talk Radio Including Special Operations And Military Technology - Chairborne Commandos

Fasten your seatbelts! This is a military podcast and news talk radio show hosted by Veterans. If it goes fast, is highly explosive or dangerous, we talk about it on our show. We cover all branches of the US Armed Forces including Special Forces and top news stories from around the world. Step up and subscribe now!
Title Date Listen Download
North Korea’s Missile Threat To U.S. Greatly Exaggerated Nov 9, 2018 Listen Download
The Time Waster Sep 1, 2018 Listen Download
Shot Show 2017 Jan 30, 2017 Listen Download
The Airforce Has A New Drone Hunter Nov 20, 2016 Listen Download
America Calls It The B21 Raider  Oct 8, 2016 Listen Download
China’s Latest Disaster – A Giant Amphibious Sea Plane Sep 3, 2016 Listen Download
Most Advanced Raptor Kills ISIS Badguys Fast Jul 22, 2016 Listen Download
F35 Limits Suck Factor Just In Time For Service Jul 7, 2016 Listen Download
JT Is Back!  Now What Happened?   May 6, 2016 Listen Download
ISIS Nervous As Air Force Officials Seek Dedicated CAS Replacement For A10 Apr 8, 2016 Listen Download
US Air Force Misses The Slam Dunk With The B21 Mar 4, 2016 Listen Download
British SAS Sniper Decapitates ISIS Ringleader Feb 22, 2016 Listen Download
Northrop Grumman Gets In On The SuperBowl Feb 14, 2016 Listen Download
Shot Show 2016 Pt. 2 Jan 30, 2016 Listen Download
Shot Show 2016 Pt. 1 Jan 25, 2016 Listen Download
Josh Collins Of Veteran Voyage 360 Nov 20, 2015 Listen Download
Navy’s Greatest Asset – The Superbomber Nov 6, 2015 Listen Download
America’s Next SuperBomber Oct 2, 2015 Listen Download
Former Marine And Now Special Tactics Officer – Damon Friedman Sep 4, 2015 Listen Download
US Army Has Big Plans For Night Vision Goggles Aug 14, 2015 Listen Download
Russia Hits A Patch Of Bad Luck Jul 17, 2015 Listen Download
Joint Strike Fighter Dominated By Fighting Falcon Jul 3, 2015 Listen Download
The Roberts Ridge Story As Seen Through The Eyes Of An Air Force PJ Jun 22, 2015 Listen Download
China Takes To Social Media To Sell Main Battle Tank Jun 12, 2015 Listen Download
Thanks For The Memories HSC84-85 But We Are Headed In A New Direction Jun 5, 2015 Listen Download
Jade Helm Is A Dirty Little Lie May 16, 2015 Listen Download
Russia Brings The Pain With The New Armata Tank May 8, 2015 Listen Download
Army Airborne Testing Ultra Lightweight Combat Vehicles May 2, 2015 Listen Download
Battle Tested Marine Cop Easily Handles Violent Suspects Apr 24, 2015 Listen Download
US Army Goes Big With New Howitzer System Apr 17, 2015 Listen Download
Send ISIS To The Meat Grinder Apr 10, 2015 Listen Download
Blackhawks Over New Orleans Mar 29, 2015 Listen Download
Pentagon Flushes Millions Down Yemen Toilet Mar 20, 2015 Listen Download
Weather Weapons – The Future Of Warfare Feb 20, 2015 Listen Download
Russia Confident New Sukhoi Jet Fighter Better Than F22 Feb 6, 2015 Listen Download
Beretta Won’t Take No For An Answer Jan 30, 2015 Listen Download
Should Ft. Hood Victims Receive Purple Heart?   Jan 9, 2015 Listen Download
North Korea Turns Out The Lights At Sony Entertainment Dec 19, 2014 Listen Download
U.S. Air Power Dominates The Sky As Raptor And Lightning Fly Joint Training Missions Dec 11, 2014 Listen Download
Lady Rangers Dropping Like Flies Nov 21, 2014 Listen Download
A10 Warthog Blamed For F35 Delays Nov 7, 2014 Listen Download
Inferior Chinese Batteries Get Onboard USS Eisenhower Oct 31, 2014 Listen Download
Sweden Threatens To Use Force On Suspected Russian Submarine  Oct 24, 2014 Listen Download
Western Motorcycle Gangs Take The Fight To ISIS Oct 16, 2014 Listen Download
Leave The Land Mines In Korea Oct 6, 2014 Listen Download
Secret Service Baffled As Armed Suspect Breaches White House Sep 22, 2014 Listen Download
Weak U.S. Leadership Empowers Terrorists Sep 8, 2014 Listen Download
Israel’s New Dolphin Class Subs Sep 1, 2014 Listen Download
Chinese Jet Fighter Threatens US Navy Aircraft Over East China Sea Aug 25, 2014 Listen Download
Mylee YC – Retired Combat Veteran, Fitness Model, And Cancer Survivor  Aug 18, 2014 Listen Download
Air strikes in Iraq target U.S. Made Weapon Platforms Aug 12, 2014 Listen Download
JT Listener Challenge Pt. 2 Aug 4, 2014 Listen Download
U.S. Blames Russia For Downed Airliner  Jul 28, 2014 Listen Download
Israel Using iPhone App To Warn Citizens Of Rocket Strikes Jul 21, 2014 Listen Download
DARPA To Develop Prosthetic Brain Implants For TBI Treatment Jul 14, 2014 Listen Download
US Army Makes A Bad Choice In .40cal. Jul 7, 2014 Listen Download
Kelli Serio – Model, Actress, And US Navy Veteran Jun 30, 2014 Listen Download
Syrian Militants Overtake Small Towns In Iraq With Stolen American Humvees. Jun 23, 2014 Listen Download
GI Jenn From Warrior Talk Radio Apr 7, 2014 Listen Download
Russia Now Building Fifth Gen Submarine Mar 24, 2014 Listen Download
USS George Bush CVN 77 Takes An Extended Stay In The Mediterranean Mar 17, 2014 Listen Download
Wil Willis – Ranger, Air Force PJ, And TV Personality Mar 10, 2014 Listen Download
North Korea Secretly Building Massive New Rocket. Feb 17, 2014 Listen Download
US Navy Brings Warships To The Winter Olympics Feb 10, 2014 Listen Download
Former Ranger And Youtube Sensation MBest11X Jan 27, 2014 Listen Download
China Now Building Components For Joint Strike Fighter Jan 6, 2014 Listen Download
Christmas Spectacular And Then Some Dec 24, 2013 Listen Download

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